Rahul Gandhi responded to the Gehlot-Pilot showdown query as follows:

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Rahul Gandhi responded to the Gehlot-Pilot showdown query as follows:

Last week, Ashok Gehlot referred to Sachin Pilot as a “gaddar” (traitor) who is unfit to serve as chief minister in an interview with a television network.

On Monday, Congressman Rahul Gandhi addressed the continuing conflict between party leaders Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot, referring to them as the party’s “assets.”

Gandhi responded to an inquiry from a reporter regarding the conflict within the Rajasthan Congress by saying, “I don’t want to enter into what someone said. The two leaders are a benefit to the Congress. However, the ongoing Bharat Jodo Yatra won’t be impacted. On December 3, the Rahul Gandhi-led Bharat Jodo Yatra will cross into Rajasthan from Madhya Pradesh.

Questioned on Gehlot-Pilot showdown, here's what Rahul Gandhi replied |  Latest News India - Hindustan Times

Gandhi reaffirmed the claim made by veteran Congressman Jairam Ramesh that the venerable party need both of its leaders.

Ramesh was quoted by PTI as saying, “There are some differences. The chief minister of (Rajasthan) has used some words which were unexpected. I was surprised. Gehlot shouldn’t have used certain words in the interview.” Ramesh was referring to the chief minister of Rajasthan’s outburst at his archrival in an interview on Thursday.

Pilot attempted to overthrow the state government in 2020, according to Gehlot, who called Pilot a “gaddar” (traitor) who is ineligible to serve as chief minister. “Anyone who has rebelled and been labelled a gaddar would never be accepted by the MLAs. How does he get the job of chief minister? How are the MLAs supposed to approve of such a guy as chief minister? In order to overthrow the Congress government in Rajasthan, I have proof that each of the MLAs holed up in a resort in Gurugram received 10 crore, Gehlot claimed to NDTV.

Pilot had retaliated against the jab from the chief minister by adding, “Today, I came across some remarks made against me by Ashok Gehlot ji. It is unworthy of someone with such expertise to use such language and make such blatantly false and unsupported accusations, especially when that person is so senior, experienced, and has contributed so much to the party.”









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