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Raaba Media Events India organized South India’s Largest Solo Mixed World Records

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Raaba Media Eventsz India organized South India’s Largest Solo Mixed Session Marathon World Records to set an incredible footprint in the world of records in Krish International School, Kovur, Chennai.

There are around 3000 Students will be performing three Guinness world records and Asian records continuously (non-stop, day & night) for three days. simultaneously in two different live stages with the minimum duration of forty hours with 1000 + participants exhibiting their individual talents such as dance, music, art, mimicry, oratorical, keyboard, miruthangam, drums, and other instrumental play, silambam, karate, yoga, mid brain, fancy dress, color identification, etc., This is  the first and the unique event in the history of world records.

Shri. Ramanujam Prasanna,  Founder and Chairman of Raaba Media, Said, This wonderful event  will be inaugurated by Dr. Krishna Moorthy the Chairman of Krish International School, followed by the  nonstop day and night marathon talent relay performances to set the record in the book of Guinness world records. This session is followed by  Most People in Bharatha nattiyam lesson most widely practiced south Indian classical dance session will be led by Mrs. Seetha  Lakshmi and  Mrs. Kavitha Srinivasan, focusing  on  various merits ,techniques and the essence of Bharatham  with  600 participants to break the previous session with 350 students