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PVR Cinemas joining hands with Dettol for safer Movie Experience

pvr and dettol
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As the public’s concern for germ protection and need for hygiene and safety concern is going higher and higher day by day. PVR Cinemas have come together with Dettol to give it’s consumers a safe movie watching experience. Dettol being the most trusted product by many mothers in India, PVR Cinemas believes that they can deliver safer movie watching experience ever with Dettol. 

   “We have spent the last few months brainstorming ourselves and with other world leaders in our industry to come up with best and safest practices for our customers to return to the movies. Having left no stone unturned in ensuring their well-being across all levels, we are pleased to partner with Dettol to guarantee an even cleaner and safer viewing experience. We are positive that people would enlist the same trust in us as they have in the past decades of relationship with them” says Mr.Gautam Dutta, CEO, PVR Cinemas 

   As the lockdown is being released gradually, PVR cinemas is planning to follow strict hygiene protocols, social distancing and food safety measures. Health screening will be done every day to all the employees. The employees will be wearing PPE gear, gloves, face shield for extra protection. Added, the entire premises will go through EPA approved ULV sanitization at regular intervals. This sanitization process will coat the place with an antimicrobial layer. Also seats are planned to be given with social distancing. The theatres are ready to receive us with all precautions possible.

   Supporting the ‘new normal’, Dettol and PVR Cinemas are ready to give us the safer, better experience of movie watching. Are you ready?