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13 June, 2020

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Public benefit: ICICI Bank Launches it’s Services Via WhatsApp

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Due to the spread of corona virus in the country, ICICI Bank has opened its new feature of its banking services on WhatsApp. The service was started on Monday, will allow the bank’s customers easy access from their homes. Using the service on WhatsApp, the customers can check their savings account balance, last three transactions, credit card limit, get details of pre-approved instant loan offers and block/unblock credit & debit card in a secure manner with end-to-end encryption for all messages.

The service also give you details of the nearest ATM and branches from your area. In order to initiate the services on their mobile phones, the customers will need to message ‘Hi’ to the bank’s verified profile number (9324953001) from their registered mobile number.

Process in a step-by-step that customer need to follow:

  • Save number and say ‘Hi’: The customer simply needs to save ICICI Bank’s verified WhatsApp profile number, 9324953001, to his/her ‘contacts’ on the mobile phone and send to this number from his/her mobile number which is registered with the Bank. The Bank will respond with a list of services available.
  • Type keyword for service: From the list of services, type the keyword of the service required (keywords are highlighted in the conversation for easy recognition), example : , etc. The service is carried out and displayed instantly.

In a statement released by the bank the spoke person said that ICICI is delighted to serve the customer at any time according to requirement of its customer.

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