Prabhas’ Salaar Actually KGF: Chapter 3?

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Prabhas’ Salaar Actually KGF: Chapter 3?

The mid-credit elements of KGF: Chapter 2 provide a minor clue that the creators are keeping the possibility of KGF 3 open. Both films in the franchise have been huge box office successes, so it won’t be a surprise if the producers opt to continue the series with a third installment. However, something about the same notion has struck our brains, and we can’t seem to get it out of our heads. We’re sure you won’t until you find out what it’s all about!

Those of you who have seen KGF 2 will recall how Rocky Bhai just chooses his own death and drowns in the water with a lot of riches. Even his Kolar Gold Fields remain as some Harappa city that is now dead, and the only proof of his existence is this text that journalist Anant Ingalagi has buried someplace in his collection. In a mid-credit sequence, a worker dusting off volumes at the library comes upon a manuscript labelled ‘KGF: Chapter…’ Before we can finish reading it, the credits will restart. The moment is unmistakably a clue from the filmmakers that the narrative does not finish with Rocky Bhai drowning in the ocean. Or has he truly drowned? (we could never see his dead body)


What if Salaar is truly KGF 3? This is an intriguing notion that we can’t get out of our heads now that we have so much data to back it up. This massive Prabhas starrer is the next project from KGF director Prashanth Neel, and it looks a lot like KGF with its initial posters and all the facts that the creators have given thus far.

Salaar and KGF are both located in coal fields: Salaar, like KGF, is set in a coal field. The film’s crew has been filming in Godavarikhani Coal City, which is located near Telangana. Salaar ads depict Prabhas dressed entirely in black and emanating a raw rusticity reminiscent of Rocky Bhai from the KGF series.

Prabhas and Yash carry the same guns: The primary poster, which depicts Prabhas clutching a large pistol in his hand, is another strong indication that Salaar will be a part of the KGF series. If you look closely, you’ll see that the gun on the poster and the gun in Rocky Bhai’s hands in the KGF posters are identical. In KGF 2, there’s this huge episode where Rocky buys firearms to beat Adheera for the first time, which makes these guns pretty important in the film.

Rajamanaar, played by Jagapathi Babu, resembles Adheera: Another compelling factor that leads us to assume the two storylines are linked is the character poster of Jagapathi Babu, who portrays the villain in Salaar. Most fans remarked how Rajamanaar in the initial poster looked so much like Dutt’s Adheera, with the same thickly kohled eyes, septum ring, cruelty in the eyes, and wrath on the face. Is Rajamanaar linked to Adheera?

Salaar and KGF have the same teams: The remainder of the squad Salaar is identical as KGF 2. While Prashant Neel makes his Telugu debut with this film, Prabhas caters to the Kannada audience for the first time with an all-Kannada language drama. Salaar’s soundtrack is composed by Ravi Basrur, who previously composed music for Yash’s KGF series, while the cinematography is handled by Bhuvan Gowda. He did the same with the KGF series.

Too many coincidences, or did the creators truly want to create their own mafia universe with KGF and Salaar? What are your thoughts? You also read it first here!



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