On the set of Jeanne du Barry, Johnny Depp and the director got into an argument, saying, “It’s going very, very badly.”

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On the set of Jeanne du Barry, Johnny Depp and the director got into an argument, saying, “It’s going very, very badly.”

According to rumours, director Mawenn and actor Johnny Depp, who plays King Louis XV in the movie Jeanne du Barry, got into furious disputes during shooting the movie.

According to rumours, Johnny Depp and director Mawenn struggled while filming his upcoming project, the French movie Jeanne du Barry. There were several arguments on the set as a result of the actor’s verbal fights with the director on numerous occasions.

According to a recent interview with French showbiz journalist Bernard Montield, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor and Mawenn frequently disagreed, often about timing. “When Johnny Depp arrives on the set, he is a superb actor… However, there are times when the squad is prepared at 6 am and nobody shows up. Mawenn becomes enraged as a result, and the following day, it is she who does not appear while Johnny Depp is present. It’s insane. He said, “They’re (expletive) off.

Johnny Depp had verbal spat with director on set: 'It's going very, very  badly' | Hollywood - Hindustan Times

It’s going awfully, awfully horribly. When Jeanne du Barry was being recorded, Bernard said on the chat show TPMP, “They fight all the time. Currently, the movie is in the post-production phase. After the actor and his ex-wife Amber Heard won the slander lawsuit, Jeanne du Barry will be their first movie together. In the Mawenn-directed movie, Johnny will play King Louis XV. In the movie, the French director also plays Jeanne du Barry. The movie is scheduled to be out in 2023.

When Johnny’s defamation action against Amber was filed, it led to more media rumours while he was still scheduled to reprise his part in the sixth instalment of the Pirates franchise. The project was later discovered to have been scrapped by Disney as a result of Amber’s abuse claims.

Due to her op-ed in The Washington Post from 2018 in which she wrote about being a “public figure representing domestic abuse,” Johnny sued his ex-wife for $50 million in March 2019. Johnny had claimed that he was the one who experienced abuse in the couple’s relationship in his follow-up to the court documents. Following a seven-week defamation trial, Johnny won and received $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive penalties. The punitive damages, which were already the highest in the State, were further cut to $350,000. Amber, however, also received $2 million in compensation for her losses.

Johnny had indicated a wish to return to the Pirates of the Caribbean series throughout the trail. He had stated that Jack Sparrow’s persona merited a proper sendoff.







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