On social media, Siddharth says something divisive like, “Jobless people flaunting off power.”

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On social media, Siddharth says something divisive like, “Jobless people flaunting off power.”

One of the top performers in South Indian cinema, Siddharth is well known for his Tamil and Telugu film roles. Siddharth is an ardent public speaker who maintains a strong presence on social media. At the Madurai airport, CRPF members harassed Siddharth and his parents for 20 minutes. Even after they asked to speak in English, the cops continued to speak to his elderly parents in Hindi as they instructed them to remove the monies from the bags. The officials responded harshly when Siddharth and his parents objected, saying that this is how things will be in India and asserting their authority.

Siddharth makes a controversial statement on social media; says, "Jobless  people showing off power" | Tamil Movie News - Times of India

The event upset Siddharth, who shared a post on his Instagram to express his concern. “CRPF harassed me for 20 minutes at a deserted airport in Madurai. My elderly parents were forced to take coins out of their luggage! even after being instructed to speak English, chatted to us repeatedly in Hindi. Rude AF: (When we objected, they stated that this is how things are in India. People without jobs displaying their strength.” In response to Siddharth’s statement, a number of online users defended the actor.

Siddharth appears to have been to Kodaikanal with his folks for a vacation in the following post.

On the professional front, Siddharth is starring in Shankar’s upcoming film “Indian 2,” starring Kamal Haasan. The producers have not yet revealed his role or appearance, but the actor will undoubtedly play a captivating role.









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