Official: Russian Navy Fleet Prevents Drone Attack In Crimea Bay

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Official: Russian Navy Fleet Prevents Drone Attack In Crimea Bay

Moscow: According to Moscow-installed officials, the Russian navy on Saturday prevented a drone attack on the Sevastopol port, which houses Moscow’s Black Sea Fleet, in Russia-annexed Crimea.

The governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhayev, posted on Telegram, “Today, starting at 3:30 am for several hours, various air defence systems in Sevastopol repulsed drone attacks.”

Unmanned aerial aircraft (UAVs) have all been shot down.

Earlier, Mr. Razvozhayev claimed that the Russian navy was fending off a drone attack.

In the early hours of Saturday, he declared, “Ships of the Black Sea Fleet are repelling a UVA (unmanned aerial vehicle) in Sevastopol harbour.”

Although the city’s services were on “alert,” the governor said that no “civilian infrastructure” had been harmed.

He said, “One windowpane burst” in a hostel at an art institution close to the harbour, but “no harm was done.”

Russian Navy Fleet Thwarts Drone Attack In Crimea Bay: Official

He requested that people in the city refrain from sharing videos of the incident on social media.

It should be obvious to everyone that such knowledge is crucial for Ukrainian Nazis to comprehend how our city’s defence is constructed, the man claimed.

In 2014, Russia seized control of the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine.

In February of this year, its military assaulted Ukraine from a number of locations, including the Crimea.

As Ukrainian forces launch a counteroffensive to recover territory in the Russian-occupied south, the declaration was made.

The harbour was “temporarily” blocked to boats and ferries, according to city officials.

Mr. Razvozhayev said earlier this week that a drone had struck a thermal power plant close to Sevastopol.




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