Nick Jonas refers to Priyanka Chopra as a “hottie” when she wears pink to an event in Dubai. See images

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Nick Jonas refers to Priyanka Chopra as a “hottie” when she wears pink to an event in Dubai. See images

Priyanka Chopra uploaded a number of images from an event in Dubai that she attended wearing a dark pink gown and matching shrug. She looked, and Nick Jonas, her husband, responded.

Priyanka Chopra started working on Monday after making the most of the weekend in Dubai by relaxing on a yacht. As the brand’s ambassador, the starlet grabbed attention when she arrived at a jewellery event in Dubai wearing a dark pink gown and a large shrug. Additionally, she had a new hairdo.

Priyanka Chopra at the Bvlgari event in Dubai.

As she posed in the pink gown and shrug at the event, Priyanka was the centre of attention. Later, when she was posing for photos, she took off the big shrug. She had added a dramatic diamond necklace and pair of earrings to the ensemble.

“What a lovely evening celebrating @bulgari’s Eden, Garden of Wonders collection in Dubai with my good friend @jc.babin,” Priyanka wrote on Instagram after posting some gorgeous photos of herself from the occasion. @lucia silvestri, your amazing creations are so lovely and make everyone who wears them happy. I’m honoured to serve as your representative.

One of the first people to remark on her post was her husband Nick Jonas. In response to the images, he referred to her as “Hottie.” The actor tagged JC Babin in her post, and JC Babin responded, saying, “Thank you so much and the best to you and your family back home.” How are you real, Priyanka was questioned by a fan in the comments section. That outfit!, penned one of her admirers. The cosmetics! It’s the hair! This outfit is (fire emojis) in every way. She was referred to as “Bvlgari’s Barbie Girl” by an admirer. Wow, that’s gorgeous. I can’t!!!!” read a different comment.

Priyanka had posted some breathtaking glances from her weekend the day before. She enjoyed some time in the sun on a yacht, some beers with a buddy, and some jet skiing in the clear waters with a distant view of the Dubai cityscape.








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