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New Motor Vehicle Act 2019
New Motor Vehicle Act 2019 – Buying a vehicle in India is a dream for most. The number of vehicle owners nationwide is increasing. However, despite the increase in the number of vehicles, the number of road accidents is also increasing.
More than 1.5 lakh lives are lost each year in India due to road accidents.  Several leading news reports suggest that thousands are seriously injured at the same time. Apart from physical injuries, getting into our car and car road accident can be financially stressful. For this reason, each of us must contribute little to maintaining road safety.
People tend to violate traffic safety rules more than they do. So, to raise awareness about this, the Motor Vehicle Act came into effect in 2019.
The purpose of this legislation is to make Indian roads safer to travel and promote the importance of safe driving among the younger generation. We will see more about the new Motor Vehicle Act, 2019.


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