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Will the New Education Policy 2020 do any better to the nation?

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The Union Cabinet of India has approved the New Education Policy and it is creating debate among academicians, politicians, etc…

  The implementation of NEP2020 will bring the same syllabus all over the nation. Foreseeing Gross Enrollment Ratio for higher education to be 50% by 2035. Many other developments in students’ curriculum for better education, the National Education Policy is designed and approved by the Union Cabinet on Wednesday (July 29).

   NEP 2020 will work in promoting student’s holistic development and multidisciplinarity across the sciences, social sciences, arts, humanities and sports. This will help in establishing unity and integrity of all knowledge. The highest priority is given to the foundational level, which is for 5 years and ends at class 2. The new system of education will be flexible for the students to choose their paths according to their skills and interests. To avoid harmful hierarchies among different streams of learning there will be no hard separation between arts and sciences, vocational and academic streams,etc. 

   Rote learning is the most criticized learning technique. The new NEP 2020 is designed to exclude that concept and  include conceptual, creative and life skills learning. The new system of education will promote multilingualism, as the system recommends students to learn 3 languages. 

   Considering quality education as the basic right for every child this education system is designed to reach every child in our country regardless of their socio-economic background. In order to assure education to all genders ‘Gender Inclusion Fund’ to be created. Promotion of Indian culture, values, traditional arts, literature, etc is very much appreciated by academicians in India.

   The teacher selection process is also planned to be robust. Promotion to the teachers will be based on the merit system. New National Curriculum framework for teacher education to be formulated. 

The UG Courses will be available with multiple entry and exit options. The bachelor’s degree can also be done with research in a 4 years programme.

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