New Courses launched by World University of Design for 2021!

World University of Design

New Courses launched by World University of Design for 2021

World University of Design welcomes the year with hope and a promising future

New Courses added for the year 2021 and onwards


World University of Design announces the introduction of a well-thought array of new courses for Design School students in the new session. The courses are added keeping in view the current necessity of students pursuing the discipline across its various fields, along with enhancing their potential for future needs. Additions are made in the fields of Management, Architecture, Design and Performing Arts.

Management (BBA: 3 years, MBA: 2 years)

– Design Strategy & Innovation: In an interdisciplinary way, the course enables students to practice design strategy keeping in mind its very execution. In addition to dedicated studio space for heads-down work, students have access to model-making, rapid prototyping, and multimedia technology.

– Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Design Thinking (DA.AI.DT): The future of the business world is focused to use advanced technologies in order to take businesses forward. The said curriculum will equip students with expertise in data science, artificial intelligence & machine learning which they would bring into play while swishing through organizational needs and strategies while navigating the ethical, psychological, and societal implications. The program is driven to help students make potent decisions, by making most optimal use of emerging technologies and design thinking.


World University of Design Dr. Sanjay Gupta (Vice Chancellor, World University of Design)

– Service Design: The program is conceptualized to cater to the needs of the service sector including healthcare, finance, IT, travel, retail, education, and even oil and gas. The program will prepare students on (a) creation of new consumer services by identifying human needs, transformational services, and delivery in complex organizations, for example in retail, banking, and hospitality (b) development & innovation in public service and policy in areas such as transportation, health and education, and (c) speculative futures to envision radically new services and user experiences driven by technological, environmental and social challenges.

Architecture (M.Arch 2 years)

– Sustainable Architecture: The two years’ master’s course aims at nurturing a specific skill set in students directed towards sustainability through green building, its certifications, climate responsive design simulation processes, and buildings science. The course will help students prepare for GRIHA and/or LEED certifications.

– Digital Architecture: Digital technology is an indispensable part of our lives and so has made its way into architecture and is revolutionizing it. This course will cover various digital software tools and its design processes (parametric and generative), architectural visualization, advanced construction, and building automation, integrating AR/VR and Architecture, Parametric Software skill sets, Digital fabrication and material research, Digital Design, Robotic interface, and interactive architecture Design Tools, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Design (BDes: 4 years, MDes: 2 years)

– Computer Science & Design: This course is designed to achieve just such an interdisciplinary skill-set and equip graduates for many opportunities across many fields such as the arts, entertainment/ games, mobile application development, multimedia, product/web design, cybersecurity, digital analytics, and other interactive systems across all sectors. There’ll be an increasing focus on user experience, Interaction Design, and Design Methods in all IT products and services.

 World University of Design

– User Experience & Interaction Design:  The course is professionally focused to equip students with the specialist skills to conceive, prototype, and produce human-centered experiences in an interactive digital context. The program focuses on computer technology and usability problems faced by computer users globally; consequently teaching the students the methodologies needed to solve these problems. It will provide students with experience in working on live industry briefs covering varied topics such as UX for wearable technologies, smart cities, data visualization, and social transformation.

Performing Arts (BPA/Integrated MPA/MPA – Music/ Dance/ Theatre)

The world of Performing Arts is ever-changing. A study of the performing arts, therefore, must include linked expressions of individual, communal, and societal identities. Faculty at the World University of Design believes that the confluence of the performing arts creates a microcosm of the universe and that the influence of the performing arts and is informed by, perception of culture, gender, politics and regionality. The added courses in Performing Arts are aimed at nurturing a professional not only in the field of specialization but also throughout various fields in terms of performance management, production, promotion and presentation. Thus the program is strategically designed to prepare graduates not only towards a career in the entertainment industry – a prime ground for the performing arts – but also in the corporate and developmental world.


The undergraduate course will prepare the student with a strong base in the theories of performance, the nuances of the classical, folk, and contemporary arts, the rudiments of production and presentation along with a rigorous insight into the field of specialization viz: Dance (Classical /contemporary) or Music Studies (Classical /modern) or Theatre Arts (Classical & experimental). They will be exposed to the practical and theoretical practices of performance and introduced to literary, historical, traditional, and cultural explorations of performing arts across cultures.

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