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New Agricultural Policy 2020 : Act 1 | The Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce | Citizens Awake.

New Agricultural Act -2020 act 1
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1. The Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill, 2020 :

New Agricultural Policy – At present, the Indian farmers face difficulties because of various restrictions, including limitations to selling their commodities only to the state government’s registered licensees and a prohibition on selling produce outside the notified APMC market yards. Along with this, due to the prevalence of various APMC laws, by the state governments, there are hindrances in the free flow of agricultural trade between states.

The new bill seeks to build an environment wherein farmers and traders can enjoy the freedom of choice regarding selling and purchasing of produce; this will facilitate remunerative prices through competitive, alternative trading channels to promote efficient, open, and barrier-free interstate and intrastate trade.

This bill is a historic step towards unlocking the country’s heavily regulated agricultural markets. It will open more farmers’ options, reduce farmers’ marketing costs, and allow them to get better prices. It will also allow farmers from regions with surplus outputs to receive better prices and lower prices for customers from regions with shortages.


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