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Happy Bday To the King of Memes, Namma Thalaivar Vadivelu!!

Happy birth day Vadivelu
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“Vadivelu” the name itself creates enthusiasm in south Indians specifically, Tamilians. That is the kind of impact his jokes have created in us. There were Goundamani and Senthil on top during the time he was introduced. Vadivelu eventually chased them and occupied the top. 


He is very well known for his body language. Just his appearance on screen in most of his movies creates laughter within the audience. He took a break from us for a few years and vanished. Even then he was available in the form of memes. Meme creators call him “King of Memes ”. His facial expressions are very apt to any form of memes. Meme creators say it’s very easy to form a template when they have a collection of vadivelu photos. 


Also, there are many movies which are remembered by Vadivelu’s comedy performance, Winner and Giri movies are the best examples for that. He has the quality of mingling with actors and not overtaking them through any means. He is a good partner with any actor he is acting with. 

vadivelu 111

Talking about Vadivelu’s equation with actors, we cannot go by without talking about Vadivelu – Parthiban duo. This duo can make us laugh without even a word being spoken. I guess if we study and write down the body language it can be used as a dictionary for future comedians. 


Most of his jokes will be on himself, whereas there are other comedians, who will tease or bully or even harass or objectify others and say that’s a joke. We must appreciate Vadivelu for not being a bully. 




With this note of appreciation, we wish Thalaivar Vadivelu a very happy and prosperous birthday. We are very much happy and lucky that he was born.  


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