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Most Innovative Dosa Joints in Chennai / The most famous Dosas from South India

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Most Innovative Dosa Joints in Chennai / The most famous Dosas from South India

Everyone is aware of Chennai to be the capital city of India but what everyone does not know that it is also one of the top food destinations in India and well known for its authentic South Indian food.

When one thinks of South Indian Food, Dosa is a favorite. We can see lots of Innovations in this dish with a variety of Dosas available in different flavors and styles.

Let’s take a look at the most innovative dosa joints in the city of Chennai-

1.Mathsya Restaurant – It has an amazing variety of Dosas. With Podidosa being the spiciest one, we have varieties like peas masala dosa, aasai dosa, RrajaRajaCholanDosai, and more. The Dosai of the day is always recommended and looked forward to


Mathsya Restaurant


2.Dosa Kraft– This is a pure south Indian restaurant. A specific variety of dosas are served on specific days only. Ginger Gobi Masala for Sundays, Cauliflower Masala Dosa for Tuesdays, and Maharaja Dosa for Saturdays only.


Dosa Kraft-


3.ID, Harrington Road – ID is short for Idly Dosa and is one of the most beloved restaurants in the city. Along with offering delicious dosas, ID serves some well-curated dosas in the form of unique preparations and allowing customers to choose their own toppings and fillings for the dosas.


ID, Harrington Road


4.Dosa 360 – Mouth wateringDosas are served here. Chessy, buttery, creamy, spicy, tangy dosas. In spite of it being a small shop, it is well known for cleanliness maintained for a good experience. Jinidosas and Pizza dosas are the crowds favorite.

.Dosa 360



5.Dosa Plaza– As the name suggests, the joint is well known for its unique blend of exotic flavors’ in the form of innovative dishes like Garlic Roast Dosa, Spring Dosa, Chinese Delight Dosa, and much more. It also has exciting dishes like the Mexican Uttapams, Chinese Idlis that are surely meant to give a new avatar to the South Indian Cuisine.


.Dosa Plaza-


6.DosaV2 –  A salute to the innovation in the dosa served here with exceptional taste. We have the most ordered Hatrick Dosa topped by potato masala, beet root, schezuan sauce, corn, and cheese. Then there is nothing like the Arabian Dosa filed with assorted nuts and a good blend of flavor. You can choose from more exclusive options.



7.VGP Annachi Kadai – This place serves an 8 ft family dosa. The stuffing of the dosa is also very unique. This delicious dosa is so long that it takes 3 waiters to serve you. Next time you are in the vicinity, do not miss an experience like this.



8.99 Shades of Dosa– This place is famous for its variations of dosas. You get all kinds of lip-smacking dosa from masala dosa to pizza dosa to Manchurian dosa.

99 dosa


A trip to Chennai is incomplete without having the quintessential food of the area Dosa. It is hard to shortlist restaurants that make the best dosas. But we hope that the above can help you in making your choices as per your taste buds.






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