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Mosquitoes production facility in Singapore! But why?!!

Read Carefully


A mosquitoes production facility!! But why to spend money on some species that can kill people was my first expression. Later, when I came to know about the motto behind it, I was thinking why don’t we have one in our country. 




As we all know, Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya, and yellow fever are a few deadly diseases that are caused by them. Nearly 1 million people die because of every year according to the World Health Organisation



Singapore’s plan is to breed mosquitoes that do not cause any harm to human beings. There are some kinds that do not spread any kind of disease, endemic, allergies, etc. These kinds are bred and produced here at the cultivation center in Singapore. Then after their incubation period, they are left on air to fly free. 



Now, they will breed with other diseases causing mosquitoes. Then the next generation will be harmless. Their aim is to hit the mosquitoes’ genes, not the mosquitoes. 



They clearly understood that killing all those flies in the world is not the solution. That could possibly bring in some other problems, causing an imbalance in biodiversity, etc. So, they decided that fighting them through love is the best idea. Singapore decided that in their country no one would die due to mosquitoes. 

The quote, “LOVE KILLS” is proven right here in this case! 


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