MMSC fmsci Indian National Motorcycle Drag Racing Championship 2020!

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MMSC fmsci Indian National Motorcycle Drag Racing Championship 2020

  • Hemanth Muddappa retains National title

Chennai, January 24: Bengaluru’s Hemanth Muddappa (Mantra Racing) retained his overall title in the 2020 MMSC fmsci Indian National Motorcycle Drag Racing Championship which concluded at the MMRT, here today.

Muddappa ended the 2020 season which was delayed due to the pandemic with a grand double and a clean sweep in both Above 1051cc and 815-1050cc categories. He won all four outings over two rounds to underline his dominance in two-wheeler drag racing.

Aiyaz, a private entrant, clinched three titles – the 226-360cc and 361-550cc categories in the four-stroke class and the Up to 165cc (2-Stroke) – while Bharath Raj of Rulexx Rockers Racing topped in the Up to 165cc and 226-360cc classes.

National Motorcycle Drag Racing champions (left to right) – Rafiq Mohammed, Aiyaz, Hemanth Muddappa, Bharath Raj and Ann Jennifer.

The results (Provisional):

4-Stroke: Above 1051cc: 1. Hemanth Muddappa (07.879secs); 2. Baba Satagopan (08.263s); 3. Hafizullah Khan (08.362s). 815-1050cc: 1. Muddappa (08.071); 2. Zubair Ali Jung (08.202s); 3. Baba Satagopan (08.306s). 361-550cc: 1. Karthik Mateti (12.325s); 2. Aiyaz (12.360s); 3. Thulsi Ram (12.447). 226-360cc: 1. PM Soorya (12.532s); 2. J Bharatraj (12.536s); 3. Shankar Guru A (13.166s). Upto 165cc: 1. J Bharatraj (14.420s); 2. PM Soorya (14.46s); 3. R Aravind Ganesh (14.526). GIRLS (165cc): 1. Ann Jennifer (16.858s); 2. RV Czimkhy (17.077s); 3. Niveta Jessica (17.156s).

2-Stroke – Up to 165cc: 1. Aiyaz (12.959s); 2. Mohammed Touheed (13.220s); 3. Kaleem Pasha (13.224s). Up to 130cc: 1. Mohammed Rafiq (13.200s); 2. Mujahid Pasha (13.452s); 3. Mohammed Touheed (13.687).

National Champions – Hemanth Muddappa (Mantra Racing, Above 1051cc and 851-1050cc); Aiyaz (Pvt, 361-550cc and 131-165cc); J Bharath Raj (Rulexx Rockers Racing, Up to 165cc, 226-360cc); Ann Jennifer (Sparks Racing, Girls). 2-Stroke: Aiyaz (131-165cc); Mohammed Rafiq (2S, Up to 130cc).

About Madras Motor Sports Club

Since its humble beginnings in 1953, the Madras Motor Sports Club has grown in stature as the hub of motorsport activity in India. Having moved from Sholavaram to its present location in Sriperumbudur in 1979, MMSC has kept pace with changing times by upgrading facilities. At a cost of about Rs 20 Crore, the MMSC built a pit complex comprising 20 garages, VIP hospitality suites and a viewing gallery, on the eastern side, apart from a second Paddock on the western side with its own short circuit. The Control Room too was upgraded with state-of-the-art hardware while the track itself was improved to meet the exacting FIA standards for Grade-2 certification. The facilities are also extensively used by various vehicle manufacturers for testing their products, displays and corporate days.


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