MK Stalin starts a ‘doorstep healthcare’ programme in Tamil Nadu.

MK Stalin

MK Stalin starts a ‘doorstep healthcare’ programme in Tamil Nadu.

MK Stalin, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, launched the ‘Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam’ (healthcare services at people’s doorstep) initiative in Krishnagiri on Thursday.

The initiative aims to eliminate the need for patients to attend hospitals for noncommunicable disease treatment.

Stalin told reporters that the plan is a first for the whole country. The programme will be expanded to other areas of the state. This programme has been given a total of Rs 242 crore. We anticipate that one crore individuals from 30 lakh families would benefit from this plan this year, he added.

Stalin stated that in the first phase, 1,264 women health volunteers and physiotherapists will be deployed to diagnose noncommunicable illnesses and give therapy at the patient’s door.

The Tamil Nadu Health and Family Welfare Department published a G.O. on the plan yesterday. According to the administration, the initiative would prioritise community-based interventions to enhance compliance and disease management throughout the state. It further stated that an essential aspect of the initiative is that every identified beneficiary under the plan would be brought under the Population Health Registry (PHR), which will serve as the common denominator to enable ongoing monitoring and follow-up of patients.

A field team comprised of Women Health Volunteers (WHV) from the Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women (TNCDW), existing ASHAs in tribal areas, Mid-level Health Providers, Village Health Nurses, Health Inspectors, Palliative Care Staff Nurses, and Physiotherapists, as well as monitoring support from other filed health staff, would be deployed to provide home-based health care services, according to the order.

The flagship scheme’s first phase will include 1172 Health sub-centres, 189 Primary Health Centres, and 50 Community Health Centres across the state in 50 Universal Health Coverage blocks. It will be expanded even further to cover the entire state by the end of 2021.

The Covid-19 epidemic has highlighted the shortcomings of institutional-based care delivery, such as the availability of medicines, dialysis facilities, palliative care, geriatric care services, and so on. These were harmed during the lockdown, leading to increased morbidity and death from diseases other than coronavirus throughout the state. There is a perceived need to improve the responsiveness of the state’s health system by offering comprehensive home-based health care services that cover the health requirements of all members of a family. As a result, ‘Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam’ will provide a comprehensive set of health care services to ensure continuity of treatment and the sustainability of all services,’ according to the directive.


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