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The best mentor-mentee relationships that have taught us lessons for life-Teacher’s day special.

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Jessica Pearson, Harvey Spector, Professor, Walter White, and Michael Scott, what is common between these three iconic characters?. Other than the fact that all three are etched in our hearts as the greatest mentors of all time. Each of these characters have an inspiring story to tell. They are known for having blind faith in their mentees. Supporting them unconditionally when things go wrong. We have seen them encouraging and inspiring the prodigies with the wisest and sassiest of words from time-to-time.

Here is our pick of five of the most inspiring mentors and their understudies. This Teacher’s Day, binge on these shows to pay a tribute to your mentors who shaped your life.

Jessica Pearson and Harvey Specter – Suits

We know an icon when we see one, and Jessica Pearson fits the bill perfectly. She is the Managing Partner at Pearson Specter, a powerful board room executive, an inspiring leader, all in impeccable style and sass. With her eagle eye for spotting talent, she takes Harvey under her wing and transforms him into the impressive and unbreakable lawyer he is. She knows better than anyone else how to manage employees with grace and diplomacy. Don’t be mistaken!. If you mess with her business, you could be fired on spot.. Her loyalty shines as she supports Harvey with his choice to hire Mike and makes the most of the sticky situation as the duo stack up the firms billables. Even after she moves on from the firm, her unfailing bond with Harvey is one to admire. Catch Suits only on Colors Infinity.

Harvey Specter and Mike Ross – Suits

Harvey Specter, a lawyer extraordinaire. He takes a chance on brilliant Mike Ross despite his sketchy background of running in with the law, which turned out as everyone’s favourite formidable legal team. Between their witty movie quote banter and unending loyalty to each other, their bromance won our hearts from the very first episode!. Harvey’s no bullshit approach to his work transforms Mike into a force to be reckoned at the firm. Meanwhile, Harvey is softened by his genuine friendship with Mike. Watching the two influence each other for the better is truly heart-warming. Don’t tell us we weren’t the only ones crying when Mike asked Harvey to be his best man at his wedding!

Professor and Tokyo – Money Heist


The calculating and mysterious mastermind ‘Professor’ had on us on the edge of our The professor cleverly took the police on a joyride while his carefully curated trainees robbed the Royal Mint. Tokyo, one of the robbers, is at the centre of the heist and shares a very special relationship with the professor. Before being headhunted as a professional criminal, she was on the run, potentially looking at being incarcerated for life. The professor swoops in and saves her from a lonely and bleak time. He gave her a mission and a team of comrades. She often refers to him as her ‘Guardian Angel’.  In return, she executes his deceptive plans to perfection, well with a little blunders too.

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman- Breaking Bad


Chemistry intellect, Walter White and former student Jesse Pinkman joined hands to run an illicit drug operation. They entangling their lives in a relationship that ranges from beautiful to deeply manipulative. Walter White is the catalyst for all that happens in Jesse’s life. Pinkman’s complicated past made morally questionable . White appear as a father figure of sorts, even though they were tied together by cooking and selling crystal meth. Their business eventually escalates into a massive operation and ruins their lives in the process, but they stuck together for majority of the part. Their relationship is a complicated and toxic, but it provides some semblance of companion and support to two very clearly disturbed individuals.

Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute – The Office


Office manager Michael Scott truly lucked out with a man as dedicated as Dwight Schrute. Dwight constantly bending over backwards to impress and serve Michael. He went as far as referred Michael as “the one person I have been hired to protect”. Unfortunately, his many pleas are met with irritation and neglect. Nevertheless, the duo is endlessly entertaining as Dwight actively participates in all of Michael’s antics. This comedic pairing is an memorable and inspiring one!.