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Maruti Zen Highlights 5 Features We Take For Granted In 2020

zen 2020
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Nowadays, a car is much more than just a way of transport. Earlier, the car manufacturers had the excuse of skipping the features and offering them as an item of luxury but in today’s time, those features are considered as standard features in almost every car, even on the base models. However, Maruti Zen was one car that came with some of those luxury features that even some of the cars miss out. If you still own this car and facing problem while buying parts, we recommended you to take a look here:

Here are some of the features that are being taken for granted in the cars offered in 2020.

zen 1st generation

1. Central Locking:

Nowadays, it is really effortless how we can simply press a button to lock all the doors at the same time. However, it was not that easy in the past as you manually had to lock each and every door. Earlier, the driver was required to unlock his door first with the key and then had to unlock the other doors with a bit of stretching.  Now, you simply press the button of the remote, lock all the doors and you are good to go.

2. Body Coloured Bumpers:

When it comes to protecting your car, front and rear bumpers are one of the most vital equipment. In case of an accident, they are the first part of your vehicle that gets damaged. There are a variety of colour schemes offered by the brand and that’s why they prefer to keep the bumper unpainted as it can be easy to replace in case of damage and also can be readily available in the stock. However, almost every car nowadays comes with painted bumpers in order to match the body paint of the vehicle.

3. Internally Adjustable Mirrors:

Currently, there are only a few cars that come with electrically adjustable mirrors. However, most of them come with internally adjustable mirrors that seem to be a luxury. Back then, there was no such mechanism and the driver was required to adjust both the mirror externally. The internally adjustable mirrors made it easier to operate simply by sitting inside the car.

4. Interior Storage Space:

In the past, all the cars came with less storage space as the motorists were not into carrying much stuff and that’s the sole reason why there were not many storage spaces available inside. When it comes to Maruti Zen, it came with fewer storages cubbies that does not make it a quite practical car. If a car manufacturer try to avoid the storage cubbies in their modern cars then it will drastically affect their sales figures.

5. Day/Night Mirror:

If you own a Maruti Zen now and you are planning to take it out for a spin in the night then you are quite familiar with the fact that it is very frustrating to drive it at night, thanks to the lack of a day/night mirror and the low seat height. Whenever you take it on the highways, the strong beam from the modern cars directly hits your eyes that can surely make you blind for a few seconds and that can be very dangerous as it can cause serious accidents. A day/night mirror is very common on almost every modern car which is on sale in the Indian market as it helps to decrease the glare that gets generated from the high beams.