Many people no longer work with Prakash Raj because of his politics, according to him: “They fear that people won’t like them.”

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Many people no longer work with Prakash Raj because of his politics, according to him: “They fear that people won’t like them.”

Prakash Raj clarifies that although his political outspokenness has cost him his job, he does not regret it.

Prakash Raj has made no secret of his political opinions. The actor has been a vociferous opponent of the current central administration and even ran for office from Bengaluru in 2019. He confesses that he has to pay a price for his frequent tweets concerning social and political topics. His ties in the film industry throughout the years and his career are now starting to be impacted by his views.

Prakash Raj talks about how his politics has affected his work.

When asked exclusively by Hindustan Times about how his political beliefs have damaged his professional connections, Prakash responded, “It is becoming affected. Now, some people choose not to work with me, but it’s not because I instructed them to. However, they do so out of concern that “they” might not agree. I have the strength and wealth to lose everything. I’m always afraid that someone may use my fear against me.

However, the actor said he has no regrets about it because he wants his legacy to go beyond his work in movies. “I now recognise everyone. I feel more liberated now because, had I not raised my voice, I would have perished with only the reputation of being a talented actor thanks to my performances. nonetheless, not due to who I am. But doing so has a price. I’m able to pay for it, he claims.

The seasoned actor is aware that some celebrities choose to remain silent, but he does not hold this against them. Many other actors are mute, and I don’t blame them because they can’t afford it, the actor claims. There is no point in their tolerating that because they will be pushed. They won’t make it. It’s not like they are in error.

Mukhbir, the newest online series by Prakash Raj, debuted on Zee5 last Friday. Adil Hussain and Zain Khan Durrani are also featured in the programme. Prior to this, Mani Ratnam’s Tamil epic Poinniyin Selvan: I, one of the highest-grossing Indian movies of the year, featured the actor in a supporting part.





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