Man shot in Ghaziabad buried seven feet deep by his wife and her lover. 4-Year-Old Body Discovered

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Man shot in Ghaziabad buried seven feet deep by his wife and her lover. 4-Year-Old Body Discovered

Ghaziabad police hauled out a man’s body today that had been buried in a neighbor’s home after four years of investigation, and they claimed to have solved the murder with the arrest of the victim’s wife and the neighbour with whom she had an affair.

The wife, Savita, had first reported her husband, Chandra Vir, as missing in 2018. She allegedly tried to place the blame on his younger brother the entire time, according to the police.

Diksha Sharma, Superintendent of Police (Crime), declined to specify what specifically sparked a reinvestigation but stated, “The Crime Branch recently acquired some leads and got to the bottom of it.”


The woman and her lover, Arun, are accused of shooting and hacking the victim’s husband before burying him in a trench that was six to seven feet deep at Arun’s home. The victim’s decaying body, reduced to a skeleton, was found there today.

Arun had kept residing in the home after laying cement flooring over the pit.

It is said that the pit had been prepared for a few days before they discovered the opportunity to kill him. The officer said, “They kept it deep so that there is no stink,” and claimed that a pistol and an axe used in the murder had been discovered.

The murder was discovered on the same day that Ghaziabad and the nearby city of Delhi also reported murders.

The body of a guy from the Seetamarhi region of Bihar was discovered at his home in the early hours of Saturday, according to the police, and was located in the Khushal Park neighbourhood of Ghaziabad.





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