Malikappuram will be released in Tamil on THIS day!

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Malikappuram will be released in Tamil on THIS day!

Malikappuram, a Malayalam movie starring Unni Mukundan, premiered on December 30 and is doing really well in Kerala. The decision to release the movie in Tamil Nadu and the overwhelming response it is receiving led the filmmakers to make this decision. This Friday, the movie will be released in Tamil Nadu (Jan 6).

On Monday, January 2, Jayaram posted the Tamil version’s trailer to his social media accounts. “Lord Ayyappa gave himself over to you; have mercy… The devil is Malikappurattamma.

Malikappuram: Unni Mukundan's Sabarimala drama to release in Tamil and  Telugu on this date

I give myself to you, Ayyappa When releasing the Tamil trailer, Jayaram captioned it, “This dedication is my virtue.

The narrative of Kalyani, an 8-year-old girl who wants to make the pilgrimage to Sabarimala, is told in the debut film directed by Vishnu Sasi Shankar.

Kalyani arrives to Sabarimala with her classmate Unni in order to pray to Lord Ayyappa. Devinandha and Sripadh, two young performers, appear in Abhilash Pillai’s script for the movie. In the movie, Unni Mukundan is crucial. After almost five years, it’s interesting to see the fashionable star performing action scenes again.

Additionally, the producers have declared that “Malikappuram” will start playing outside of Kerala on January 6 with English subtitles and outside of India on January 5.In local theatres, #Malikappuram is now playing to favourable reviews!releasing on January 6th, 2023, outside of Kerala (with English subtitles)! Release date outside of India is January 5, 2023! Recently, Unni Mukundan revealed.

According to reports, the Telugu version of the movie may soon be released due to popular demand.






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