Madras Mylapore Ladies Circle (MMLC) #4 and Madras Mylapore Round Table (MMRT) #3!

Madras Mylapore Ladies Circle (MMLC) #4 and Madras Mylapore Round Table (MMRT) #3 are a group of young Women and Men under the age of 40 who have been serving the deserving for the past 50 years under the Umbrella of Round Table India and Ladies Circle India, primarily building infrastructure like Classrooms and Toilets for the Deserving to achieve their motto of “Freedom Through Education”.


Chairperson, MMLC4, Deepika Nagasamy said that, MMRT3 and MMLC4 have been associated with VHS for the few years with the Thalassemia ward and this year they have joined hands once again to provide medical assistance to 120 + women and 100 +children who are HIV+.

Once a patient is diagnosed, they have to be under constant medical care with ART treatment to control the virus levels, lifelong. These medications are expensive and MMRT3 and MMLC4 have raised funds thorough a fundraising dinner featuring Chef Loki and Chaf Sarah Todd from Master Chef Australia fame. to support the treatment for marginalised women and children aimed at encouraging economically underprivileged women across the country to step forward and avail treatment and lead normal lives in society.

They have also constructed the boundary walls and addressed the sanitation needs in Gurukumam, a school in Kovalam where that have been associated for more that 12 years and provide free education for underprivileged children.



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