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Madras day Special video from Chennaiyil

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Happy 381st Madras Day people! After these sudden changes in our lifestyle, everyone tries to adapt to this situation and not everyone of us even has the fortune to see the city and go to the Educational institutions to study. Thanks toTechnology. What about the memories? What about the way of life we had in this City? 

Chennaiyil releases a video on this special day focussing on how we miss the old chennai and the love towards this City from a college girl’s perspective. Most people appreciated this video are Chennaiites, because they know how it affects our mind to see our city like this. The memories we have from this City are unforgettable yet we all just miss being like before. This is the new normal. Maybe it’s high time that we start appreciating and take care of this city when we possibly can.

Madras or Chennai, it’s always this special feeling that comes when we talk about you. You’re Home.We love you,Chennai. Love you so much.

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