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The lockdown that changed my life

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Lockdown sroty by  Catherine Felecia

My Covid-19 lockdown was a roller coaster ride. I was doing my first year PG. I had so many projects, deadlines, exams to do and high fever on top of that. I had one week for submission and I had to do everything while I was sick. Colleges shut down a week before the pandemic itself. So once I heard the news I went straight to bed, took a long nap and good rest. I could feel the tension and stress go out in seconds.

Because of the virus Mummy was very scared. I have very low immunity. So, she gave me lots of spinach and veggies. We were really confused about what to do about the spread of the virus. Each video said different things. So mummy went the old way and gave me a lot of healthy food. And slowly my fever came down.

Sis and I started having fun at night. Sleep routine got ruined. We weren’t spending time with mummy. All time on the phone. Had limited internet. Managed it with sis. Saw a wide range of content on youtube. Typical couch potato days. My dog was really happy because we were home all the time. One day I saw mummy, all bored during the day and just doing her chores. I felt really bad. I decided to sleep properly so that I can spend more time with her.

Started following a skincare routine. To spend more time with fam, I chose movies and series that we could all sit together and watch. Old classics like HP, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, etc. Had so much fun watching them together. Each movie would take 4 hours because we would pause often and discuss the plot and stuff.

Then I learnt cooking. Yes, finally! Was always around mom. Even when she went to the kitchen I would go with her. It kinda brought out the interest. Also saw how tiring the work is. Helped her whenever possible. Cooked meals whenever she was sick or not in the mood. I also started posting recipes on Instagram. Sis helped me a great deal with it. Got really good feedback.

I then decided to start blogging. It was a big decision but it was so exciting. I spent days thinking and planning how to do it. Attended a webinar also for it. I think its safe to say, 4 months later, now, I’m a blogger. Getting collaborations and barter work. It’s super interesting and far from my usual routine. Very relaxing work.

College started functioning virtually. Slowly started doing those projects. Yes, the projects that I started this article with. When a ma’am told me that colleges won’t open till December, I panicked. One year gone? What have I done? So much could have been done already! I Feel  that I can at least start doing something now.

Catherine Felecia

Catherine Felecia

I enrolled in an online course. Got an online internship. And then my college told us to do a one month internship in our field of study. So I joined in yet another internship and was juggling between all this. From zero productive days, became full day busy. I was learning a lot of new things. So it wasn’t stressful. Enjoyed every part of it.

Then we got promoted to final year without exams. Work started piling up. Research paper, blogging, 2 internships, course, assignments, all in online mode. I was running round the clock, still am. Trying my best to not lag in anything and hustle as much as possible, so that I can have a good future. Have a lot of responsibilities, wishes, so why not!

Right now, I’m writing this article in-between a class. Looking at my list of to-do and wondering which one I can skip for the day. Mom is super proud of me. I can see it in her look.

My biggest learning; life is what you make it. And this is what I made my life as. Hope you can too.


Lockdown story by Catherine Felecia