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Kollywood way of Keeping Positive

kollywood actress
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You over sleep yet another day. Wake up and reacj out to your phone. You have no clue what day it is and your Whatsapp messages arethe same old “How to prevent Corona with…” “XYZ new cases diagnosed with Corona”. It seems as though people will just not stop at any step to spread anxiety or negativety.

But all negativity online has a flipside to it too. That is exactly what our kollywood beauties are focussing on and urging their fans to do the same.Check out the list below

Priya Bhavani Shankar

This beauty who made her debut alongside SJ Suryaah shared a throwback photo of herself relishing her favourite food hoping to do the same once the lockdown is over

Vani Bhojan

Its hard not to have crushed majorly on this actress after her stellar performance in Oh My Kadavule. The beauty takes us back to happier times of our childhood by binge watching “The Lion King”


After making a powerful debut in Meesaya Murukku, this beauty is currently working (before lockdown) on a number of new projects. Her video is a simplebut powerful throwback on how “little things matter” and that we should look forward to enjoying those moments again

It is true that the nation is facing a trying time with the pandemic outbreak. But like the Kollywood beauties say, all is not lost and we can always hope for a better tomorrow. While we are at the topic of showing unity, don’t forget to light a candle or diya from your balconies on April 5th to signify unity, spread positivity and hope.