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Kollywood Quarantine Clean

Celebrities challange
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It’s almost day 15 of the lockdown and I now know that I have 22 eyelashes, 43 square tiles in my room and my fan takes 15 seconds to reach a full stop. Was I done? Hell no! I wanted more dauntng tasks to do! So Im currently engaged in the process of counting the number of hairs that fall out of my dog(He’s judging me already!)

If you can relate to my recent busy schedule, welcome to lockdown life y’all! It’s a proud moment in history (dramatic BGM) since we are bored of scrolling through our phones and replying to (Cant belive im saying this) good morning texts in family groups. While boredom is hitting us all super hard, theres a new #funwhilecleaning,#danceandclean challenge that’s doing rounds on Instagram

Its safe to say that the trend has just made its way into Kolloywood with our very own timeless diva Suhasini Maniratnam sharing about it in her insta handle and reposting celebs who have taken up the challenge! Scroll down to watch some homemade fun!

Ramya Subramanian

One of the first celebs to take up the challenge was popular Vijay TV host Ramya Subramanian. You can see her grooving to the beats of “Vaathi coming” introducing sweeping actions into her dance routine

Brinda Master

The very mention of her name will involuntarily bring her trademark dialogue “Kizhi Kizhi Kizhi” to your mind! The ace choreographer was seen dancing to one of her choreographed songs from Nammavar “Sutham Enbadhu Namakku”

We are just a week away from kissing hello to social life. However Kollywood has managed to set #quarantinegoals every week. Have you found your cleaning groove yet? ‘Cuz Ive decided to put it down my list…Just after I finish counting the last hair!!