Kiccha Sudeep responds to Rashmika being banned from Kannada movies.

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Kiccha Sudeep responds to Rashmika being banned from Kannada movies.

Rashmika responded by saying she hasn’t seen Rishab Shetty’s blockbuster movie “Kantara,” which caused pro-Kannada groups and many netizens to criticise Rashmika harshly for her attitude towards the industry that introduced her and gave her widespread fame after she scored blockbusters in Telugu films and landed opportunities in Bollywood. Kiccha Sudeep has responded to all the news surrounding Rashmika’s ban in Kannada cinema.

Rashmika denied any truth to these claims that she had been barred from Kannada film. Kiccha Sudeep recently shared his thoughts on Rashmika’s exclusion, the whole drama, and if it was exaggerated with a media outlet. In response, Sudeep stated that one

Rashmika Mandanna ban in Kannada film industry? Kiccha Sudeep reacts to  this rumour and more

can’t affect world change. Sudeep used the example of how, twenty years ago, only news channels conducted interviews with famous people, starting with actresses and moving on to Dr. During Rajkumar’s time, only the Doordarshan channel conducted celebrity interviews. Newspapers and other media are no longer considered to be excellent or

bad. Sudeep argued that performers have to develop media savvy and the ability to just keep going. In Sudeep’s opinion, superstars should be prepared to deal with garlands, tomatoes, and stones on an equal footing once they gain notoriety and have a significant social media presence across all platforms.

Rashmika receives veiled counsel from Sudeep to become stronger and learn to deal with the hostility. When it comes to how they speak, what they say, or what is expected of them, actors must be more polished. It won’t help if celebrities want to create a social media presence with 2 or 10 million followers but are not prepared to deal with criticism.








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