Kiara Advani, to Appear in Sameer Vidwans’ Next Film with Kartik Aaryan?

Kiara Advani,

Kiara Advani, to Appear in Sameer Vidwans’ Next Film with Kartik Aaryan?

Kartik Aaryan previously revealed in June that he will be working with filmmaker Sameer Vidwans on his next project, which will be an epic love story. The film was originally titled Satyanarayan Ki Katha, but the title was changed to prevent offending some people. However, there were several unanswered questions concerning the project’s leading lady. According to the most recent news, Kiara Advani has been cast as Kartik’s co-star in the film.

tThe narrative set in India’s heartland, and the producers were looking for a new coupling. As a result, Sameer Vidwans, together with the film’s producer, Sajid Nadiadwala, and the other stakeholders settled on Kiara Advani. According to the source, the Kabir Singh actor is also thrilled to work with Sajid for the first time and to rejoin with Kartik after Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2.

According to the report, both Kartik Aaryan and Kiara Advani would finish their current obligations before taking on this project. It was also revealed that Kartik’s character’s name in the film would be Satya, while Kiara’s name will be Katha.
The film is still in the planning stages, but the actors and crew are thrilled about the idea, which is described as a classic love story. The creators are also attempting to offer the finest in terms of music and other technological elements. According to the insider, the crew is working hard to produce the finest soundtrack for it because every loving tale is incomplete without beautiful music.

Previously, the film’s director, Sameer Vidwans, who has directed Marathi films such as Double Seat, Time Please, Mala Kahich Problem Naahi, and Anandi Gopal, confirmed to Spotboye that he will be working with Kartik Aaryan in the film. “It’s a one-of-a-kind, emotional love story,” Sameer remarked. It will showcase a side of Kartik Aaryan’s skill that fans haven’t seen before. Kartik is a phenomenal actor. “I just wanted him to play this part.”


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