Kejriwal offers free pilgrimage and power if the AAP becomes a government in Gujarat.

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Arvind Kejriwal

Kejriwal offers free pilgrimage and power if the AAP becomes a government in Gujarat.

Arvind Kejriwal, the Aam Aadmi Party convener, and Delhi Chief Minister pledged free pilgrimage to different holy places, including Ayodhya, if the AAP was elected in Gujarat, and accused the ruling BJP of “failure” on multiple fronts despite being in power in the state for nearly three decades.

He also pledged free energy, better schools, and hospitals if the AAP controls the next government in Gujarat, where Assembly elections are scheduled by the end of the year. Speaking at a rally in Rajkot, Kejriwal accused the BJP of “failing” in Gujarat on the fronts of education, health, and jobs during its long reign in the state.”Despite being in power in Gujarat for 27 years, the BJP has never sent a single person on a pilgrimage.”
In three years, we planned to send 50,000 people on pilgrimage to Delhi. “If we are elected here (in Gujarat), we would take every old citizen to holy sites for free,” Kejriwal stated.

The AAP politician, whose party just established a government in Punjab, urged Gujarat voters to give his party an opportunity to run the state, which is a BJP stronghold. “The AAP is an educated, honest, and patriotic party. I implore the public to give us one more opportunity if only to shatter the BJP’s ego. “If you are unsatisfied with our performance, you are free to choose another party,” he said.

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