Kamal Hassan’s Cult Classic going Hollywood

Kamal Hassan, a phenomenon in Tamil cinema who gave his heart and soul to his thirst of doing and making art in the form of Cinema. He always amazes us by creating movies out of the world with so much nuance and hidden meaning within itself. But Sadly most of his experimental movies like Kuruthi Punal(1995), Hey Ram(2000), Aalavandhan(2001) were biggest flops of Industry. 

Now, the same movies are celebrated by millions of fans around the world. They started to discuss and decode the hidden meanings and symbolisms used in his movies. On that list, Anbe Sivam(2003)  is a feel good film directed by Director Sundar C. Most people even think it’s a very hit movie because of the repetitive broadcasting of TV channels but at that time it was the biggest flop and people even started teasing him for his continuous experiments.

Anyway the thing about movies is they live forever and all of the people who teased him at that time started to disappear and all the youngsters who are watching the film now are appreciating him for the acting and the story telling. Finally, Anbe Sivam is going to Hollywood. I think it is the most unexpected thing that happened in this unexpected time. Rumors started to spread that Will Smith, who is a well known actor for his Biggest action flicks MIB Trilogy, I am Legend and feel good movies like ‘Pursuit of happyness’ is going to act in the role of Kamal Hassan. If that happens, his fans would go crazy and we cannot deny the fact that it will be a proud moment for the Kollywood Industry.

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