Kamal Hassan Lending money for Rajni kanth

As we all know, Kamal Hassan is about to produce a film starring Superstar Rajni kanth. The movie will be directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, director of last year’s diwali hit flick ‘kaithi’. The director is currently working on the post production of the movie ‘Master’. He narrated the script to Rajni and Kamal, both of them liked the script very much and moved on to plan the release along with the movie ‘Thalaivan Irukkindran’

But the Pandemic outbreak postponed their plans and it seems hard for Kamal Hassan to collect funds for the movie. So he planned to collect the funds overseas. This is not a new thing for Kamal as he is always a versatile thinker and a Visionary for young Filmmakers and his history says he collected funds over there before for his unreleased movie ‘Marudhanaayagam’.

Lokesh Kanagaraj has done only three movies but two of them have only been released on big screens. His exponential growth from Shree to Karthi to Vijay to Rajni is inspiring for the upcoming filmmakers.The main phenomenon is Kamal Hassan believing Lokesh and his script and going Overseas for funds is an excellent example for the talent he has as a Filmmaker.

No one is going to regret this time is what people say on Kodambakkam circle as they also believe in Lokesh’s script, Kamal Hassan’s instincts and Rajni Kanth’s reach.

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