Kajal Aggarwal shares the first picture of the baby boy Neil on Mother’s Day.

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Kajal Aggarwal

Kajal Aggarwal shares the first picture of the baby boy Neil on Mother’s Day.

Kajal Aggarwal posted some lovely images with her newborn baby son Neil on Mother’s Day 2022, revealing his face for the first time. Kajal also wrote Neil a note that said, “Thank you for allowing me to share all of these firsts with you. Nobody else could have pulled it off. God chose you, my small prince.”

I want you to know how valuable you are and will always be to me. I knew I was in love with you forever the minute I took you in my arms, held your small little hand in mine, felt your warm breath, and saw your lovely eyes. You are my firstborn. My first child. My first everything, in fact. I will do my best to teach you in the coming years, but you have already taught me an incredible amount. You have shown me what it means to be a mother. You have taught me the value of selflessness. It’s all about love. “You have taught me that it is possible to have a bit of my heart outside of my body,” a section of the long letter reads, and we are astounded.


I hope for you to grow up strong and sweet, with compassion for others. I hope that this world never dulls your dazzling and lovely personality. I hope you are bold, kind, generous, and patient. I see so much of this in you, and it makes me so pleased to be your mother!, new mommy Kajal Aggarwal wrote, accompanied with a photo of Neil napping happily in her arms as she spends this precious moment with him.




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