K.S.Ravikumar top 5 Tamil Movies (IMDb Rating)

K. S. Ravikumar top 5 Tamil Movies

K. S. Ravikumar top 5 Tamil Movies (IMDb Rating)

KS Ravikumar began his filmmaking career in 1990 with the Tamil film ‘Puriyaadha Pudhir,’ starring Rahuman and Raghuvaran. For more than three decades, the director has wowed audiences with his films, and he has collaborated with almost every major actor in the industry. 


KS ravi kumar


1.Panchatanthiram (2002) 8.1

When a reformed womanizer is abandoned by his untrusting wife, becomes caught in a murder mystery with his four married friends, and ends up with smuggled diamonds in his hands, his life becomes a three-ring circus.



2.Padayappa (1999) 8.1

An uncle humiliates Padayappa’s family, forcing them to leave their house. Padayappa saves his family’s honor through hard work, but old enmities and a jealous woman continue to stir problems.




3.Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa (2010) 8.0

The Hindu assistant director, Karthik, falls in love with Jessie, a Christian with a religious background. When Karthik is booked for a forty-day shoot in Goa, things change.


Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa


4.Avvai Shanmugi (1996) 7.9

A divorced husband is desperate to miss his daughter. He takes up a job in his father-in-law’s house in order to be with her. The only catch is the job of the governess.


K. S. Ravikumar top 5 Tamil Movies avvai-shanmugi

5.Natpukkaga (1998 Video) 7.7

A rich man’s daughter accuses a faithful servant of attempting to rape her and sends him out of the home. She later admits that she had wrongly blamed him as she hated his father.


K. S. Ravikumar top 5 Tamil Movies Natpukkaga



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