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Just by lifting your legs and hands, somatic yoga can miraculously ease all your pain.

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Somatic yoga is not like any other yoga that tests your flexibility level. You don’t have to force yourselves to different shapes. This yoga is very friendly for those who are interested in doing simple, gentle and very efficient kinds of exercises. This will ease all your pains and also helps us to be aware of your own body. 

 Somatic yoga is the study of muscular-skeletal patterns, so the main goal is to align the misaligned nervous, muscular and skeletal patterns in our body. Sensing, feeling and action is what helps us to attain mindfulness. So, somatic yoga is the best way to integrate mind and body. The most interesting thing about somatic yoga is it can miraculously heal pain with those gentle, simple movements.

   I was introduced to somatic yoga a few years back, while I was at the World Yoga Conference which happened at Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu. I was interviewing yogis from all around the world. Mr. Brian Siddhartha Ingle from Ireland was teaching somatic yoga to other yogis and I told him about the spinal pain I had for almost a decade then. He told me to try somatic yoga with him right then.

I initially told no because I was wearing skin-fit jeans but then he said smiling, that it’s okay. I was still not sure if I could do yoga, wearing jeans but when I started doing it lying on the floor, the postures were very simple, just lift your leg slowly, lift your hands slowly, concentrate on your back, do this, do that, then TADA, my back pain, which I had for almost a decade is gone just like that and I started feeling so ‘lite’, also my skin was glowing. What do we need more than this?! All good things with very little effort! 

“The mind is like the wind & the body is like the sand. If you want to know how the wind is blowing, you can look at the sand.” 

~ Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Founder of Body Mind Centering

   Somatic yoga is not just about easing physical pain. It can also help us to overcome trauma, mental illness, bad habits, stress, etc. With the help of movements and meditation the displaced patterns of our body are aligned back to their own places. It is believed that our moods and emotions are also a reason for bad body postures and physiology. So, increasing energy levels will help us to have a focussed, cheerful mind. The major goal is to be aware of our own body and feel the bliss. 

   Today, all of us lead busy, fast and heavy lives with huge tension not only in our mind but also in our body. We can restore both our mind and body with soft, slow and simple movements of Somatic Yoga.