Judicial System: Lok Adalat | Citizens Awake: Chennaiyil.

the indian court system Lok Adalats

Every citizen in the Indian country has courts to settle and settle his problem. These are the nature of any country in the world. We can solve our problems through the courts. At that point, we will see what courts have for any solutions in India. Lets See About Supreme court.

Locke Adalat:

Also, known as the People’s Court. We can conduct our cases in other courts through lawyers. The lawyer will discuss our case and get justice. The judge will investigate the case and provide justice. But in Lok Adalat We does not need a lawyer. We can argue with the judge to solve our problems. For that, we need to first petition our problems. Then, the judge will investigate and judge what is right. 

That issue can be anything like a social issue, divorce. In particular, it will be given priority in the People’s Court to call on both sides and issue a compromise judgment.  Also, it is a free of Cost court. But cases will only be investigated for people under the poverty line.  



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