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Judicial System: Hierarchy of Courts | Citizens Awake : Chennaiyil.

the indian court system Hierarchy of Courts
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Every citizen in the Indian country has courts to settle and settle his problem. These are the nature of any country in the world. We can solve our problems through the courts. At that point, we will see what courts have for any solutions in India. Let’s look at the steps of the courts. 

The Indian Court System includes the Supreme Court of India, the High Courts and the Sub-Courts at the District, Municipal and Rural Levels.

Hierarchy of Courts :

The Indian judiciary is divided into several stages to disseminate and address grassroots issues. The basic structure is as follows.

1. Supreme Court.

2. High Courts. 

3. District Courts.

     a. Civil Courts.

     b. Criminal Courts.

4. Lok Adalat / Village court.

5. Tribunals.



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