Judicial System: Criminal Courts | Citizens Awake: Chennaiyil.

criminal courts in india

District Courts: These courts are established by the State Governments of India for every district or group of districts based on the caseload and population density. These Courts are under the direct administration of High Courts and are bound by High Court judgments. Every district generally has two kinds of courts:

a. Civil Courts

b. Criminal Courts

Criminal Courts :

This law deals with crimes against society. It carries out a variety of sentences for the crime it committed. Criminal law investigates serious crimes such as murder, rape, arson, robbery and assault.

According to criminal law, a petition cannot be filed directly in court to initiate a case, but rather to file a complaint with the police first, and the police must investigate the crime. The case can then be filed in court. In criminal law, the accused person will be prosecuted in court. 


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