Judicial System: Civil Courts | Citizens Awake: Chennaiyil.

Civil Courts citizens awake

Every citizen in the Indian country has courts to settle and settle his problem. These are the nature of any country in the world. We can solve our problems through the courts. At that point, we will see what courts have for any solutions in India. Let’s See About the Supreme court.

District Courts: These courts are established by the State Governments of India for every district or group of districts based on the caseload and population density. These Courts are under the direct administration of High Courts and are bound by High Court judgments. Every district generally has two kinds of courts:

a. Civil Courts

b. Criminal Courts

Civil Courts : 

The civil justice system exists to give people and organizations a way to protect and enforce their legal rights. It deals with issues such as accident claims, divorce, and contractual disputes. The criminal justice system, on the other hand, exists to prosecute those accused of crimes if they were found guilty, sentenced.



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