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Join the Brunch Revolution at Cilantro, Le Royal Meridien

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Every Sunday, guests who visit Cilantro, the signature restaurant of Le Royal Meridien will get a chance to experience Brunchology, an innovative buffet spread.

All the buffet dishes are prepared with a scientific touch starting from a range of fresh seafood including lobster to pasta, complete with cheese selections and a delectable dessert station. There also a live food and beverage section for people who want to indulge in fun activities or even take a dip in the pool.


For instance, cocktails are served in a jelly, shooters in a syringe and many other surprises like the scientific Lab Bar where there are a range of spirits and non-alcoholic beverages.


To make the night livelier, there is a live band which plays the classics of the 80’s and 90’s. The Brunchology goes on till the evening after which the guests can chill at the pool during sundown. A bunch of endless eats and bottomless drinks is all set to fuel Cilantro’s Brunchology, every Sunday from 11 a.m till 4 p.m.