James Cameron explains why the Avatar sequel took so long: “People are angsty enough.”

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James Cameron explains why the Avatar sequel took so long: “People are angsty enough.”

Avatar: The Way of Water will be made available on December 16. James Cameron, the movie’s director, talked about the movie and its postponed release.

James Cameron is giving an explanation for why it took him more than ten years to create the sequel to his enormously successful first Avatar movie.The Academy Award-winning director is prepared with Avatar 3 and 4, but all hinges on the success of the December 16 release of Avatar: The Way of Water.


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Avatar was a major box office and critical hit when it was released in 2009. With a global take of $2.92 billion, the movie went on to become the all-time highest-grossing film and received nine Academy Award nominations. Despite the fact that it opened the door for so many movies to bravely experiment with filmmaking methods, James wasn’t in a rush to turn it into a series.

Even if I wanted to, would I want to make another Avatar film? In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the filmmaker claims, “I started tackling this question. According to James, the first movie was “a movie that’s asking you to cry for a tree,” and environmental concerns and climate change were major factors in the sequel’s production after such a long time. People already have enough anxiety. A later date will see the market debut of this film. And possibly the events that we are currently going through were anticipated in 2009. Maybe it’s not entertaining anymore,” the director mused.”The filmmaker’s responsibility is not to make it all gloom and doom anymore,” he continued, “but to propose practical solutions.”

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James Cameron responded that every movie has its own moment, and although though everyone in the business would anticipate a sequel much sooner, he has faith in the timing of the sequel when asked about the cultural impact of the original movie even a decade after its debut.That’s just how the company runs “said the director. “You go back to the well over time and keep having that cultural influence. Marvel has approximately 26 movies to develop a whole universe with characters interacting.Therefore, it is a pointless argument. We’ll see what transpires following this movie.







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