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Is this a sensational news to publish from a big print media?

Read Carefully


A girl texted her mother at 4am about leftover pizza in her fridge.she shared the screenshot of leftover pizza and a box of french fries in the fridge. He shared a screenshot of a message in her twitter account @ishaforreals and she is from vadodara.

She texts her mother like I don’t know what time I wake up in the morning but her sister piyu wakes up before me and she will take advantage of the situation and she also tells me before she starts eating and asks me to take my permission.


She wrote,if you are my mother,if you ever loved me,if you have lovingly given birth to me,I want you to take care of my mood.

Her mother replied,hey bhagwan.

newspaper news

Is this sensational news to cover in print media?? Since it is not sensational news but we have a lot of issues in our country to cover. This news is covered by the biggest print medium and this is not news expected from a big print media. These days this is becoming trending in social media platforms like twitter,facebook,insta…..there are many news like that of (covid-19,reopening of schools and colleges) these issues can be discussed instead of putting some trending silly posts.