Is there a ‘tearful rush’ to clear Election Commissioner Arun Goel’s file? SC inquires

Is there a ‘tearful rush’ to clear Election Commissioner Arun Goel’s file? SC inquires

The Centre posted the original paperwork of Arun Goel’s appointment to the Supreme Court bench, noting that the vacancy occurred on May 15 and Arun Goel’s case was cleared with “lightning speed.”

The Supreme Court asked the Centre on Thursday whether the file appointing Arun Goel as Election Commissioner was cleared in “haste” and “in a tearing hurry.” The vacancy occurred on May 15, and Arun Goel’s file was cleared with “lightning speed,” according to the Supreme Court. On Thursday, the Centre presented the original appointment file before the Supreme Court bench. Attorney General R Venkataramani outlined the procedure and begged the bench to “shut its mouth,” urging that the apex court investigate the case completely.

“What type of assessment is this?” The Supreme Court stated, “We are not contesting the merits of EC Arun Goel’s credentials, but rather the procedure of his selection.”

Tearing hurry' in clearing Election Commissioner Arun Goel's file? asks SC | Latest News India - Hindustan Times

For the third day in a row, the five-judge Constitution bench, led by Justice KM Joseph, was hearing the matter over Arun Goel’s appointment. On Wednesday, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, appearing for the Centre, informed the Supreme Court that the sheer inclusion of someone from the judiciary on the panel for the appointment of Election Commissioners and the Chief Election Commissioner was a mistake.

The appointment of Election Commissioner Arun Goel was scrutinised by the Supreme Court, which stated that it wanted to know if there was any “hanky-panky” in the appointment and requested the original paperwork from the centre. The bench stated on Wednesday that include the Chief Justice of India in the consultative process for the nomination of the Chief Election Commissioner will ensure the poll panel’s independence.

The court was hearing a number of petitions for a collegium-style structure for appointing the Election Commissioner and Chief Election Commissioner.

The Supreme Court ruled that any ruling party at the Centre might be sued “”likes to stay in power” and can select a ‘Yes Man’ to the position under the current system. The Centre maintained that a 1991 Act guaranteed the Election Commission’s independence in terms of remuneration and tenure for its members, and that there is no conflict of interest “”trigger point,” which necessitates court intervention.

On November 19, Arun Goel was appointed as Election Commissioner, and he took office on November 21.







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