Intellectual Blah Blah

Intellectual Blah Blah

This is our first fundraiser event. It’s a ticketed show at The Madras Music Academy, Mini Hall on 18th August. The topic is Note-Ban and Free Thought. It is divided into 3 segments:

Funny Humour – Witty comedy by The PunditsGuru and Harish Rajagopal (We are trying to make comedy more intellectual instead of the mindless stuff that usually goes on)

Revolution by ofRO and Arivu – They are doing a rap to promote free thinking. Arivu wrote the lyrics for the movie Kaala, and is well known for his social music.

Intellectual Blah Blah by Mr. Shyam Sekhar, an investment Manager from IIM-B. He runs ithought, an investment management company.




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