Indian football suffers a significant setback when the government reduces financing by over 85 percent.

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The Indian Football Team’s funding has been cut by nearly 85 percent by the government – In a new development, India’s sports ministry has decided to reduce funding to the All India Football Federation (AIFF) by nearly 85 percent over the next four years, citing the national team’s “poor performance.”

Indian Football Team: A major setback for Indian football when the government reduces financing for the AIFF by over 85 percent, with the Sports Ministry stating that “No Performance – No Funding.”

According to IE, a senior AIFF official bemoaned the sport’s “differential treatment.” “Despite the government’s differential treatment, the AIFF has not sacrificed any activity for the senior and junior teams, both male and female “However, it is remarkable that a popular and competitive activity like football receives less money than other sports.”

Football funding has dropped by nearly 85 percent in four years.

The government has cut nearly 85 percent of the funding for the Indian Football Team. The AIFF officials reportedly requested funding at least three times within the budgeted amount, but the sports ministry and the Sports Authority of India (SAI) were not convinced. The AIFF’s demands were deemed insignificant because the federation’s developmental work has left much to be desired, highlighting the inability of age-group teams to make a continental presence and a women’s football programme that ‘lacked structure.’

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