India Breaks USA Records – Covid19


India breaks United states records in Covid19 recoveries and the Union Health Ministry said, India overtakes the United States and India becomes No 1 in terms of global Covid19 recoveries.

The Union Health Ministry Tweeted, the total recoveries crosses near 42 lakh.

Ministry of Health tweeted, “#India Fights Corona, India overtakes the USA and becomes No 1 in the terms of global #covid19 recoveries, total recoveries crosses near 42 lakh, @PMOIndia @drharshavardhan @Ashwinikchoubey@PIBIndia@DDNewslive



The Union Health Ministry said the wonderful steps taken by the Government to detect the Coronavirus and it was a global level achievement. 

They also tweeted, “centre led focussed, calibrated, responsive and effective measures of early identification through high and aggressive testing, prompt surveillance and tracking coupled with standardized high-quality clinical care have together resulted in this global achievement.

In India, in the last 24 hours, Covid19 crossed 53 lakh, 93,337 active cases, and 1,247 deaths.

According to Indian Medical Council research, the number of samples tested on September 18 is 8,81,811.

According to the Union Health Ministry, the active cases in certain states, Maharashtra has 301273 active cases,

Karnataka has 101148 active cases, Andhra Pradesh has 84423 active cases, Uttar Pradesh has 67825 active cases and Tamilnadu has 46506 active cases.

An analysis of state and city wise infection, Pune, Chennai, and Bengaluru feature in the top 3 cities. On Friday, totally we have 1,225 death cases.

The death cases increasing day by day and continue the death cases reaching nearly 1,200 and it’s a third-time mark the highest on single-day death cases is 1,275 cases.

Karnataka has nearly 170 death cases per day, Uttar Pradesh has nearly 90 death cases and Mumbai has nearly 50 death cases per day.

Ministry of Health twitter:

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