In Tamil Nadu, the government sector would prioritise hiring first-generation graduates.

In Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu, the government sector would prioritise hiring first-generation graduates.

M K Stalin, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, has stated his desire to see more young people succeed in competitive exams. He has directed concerned authorities to put in place measures to help more young people pass competitive examinations and get decent government positions. He claimed that in government positions, the Tamil Nadu government will prioritise first-generation graduates.

Authorities were ordered to guarantee that government training centers produce training modules and courses targeted at assisting young people to thrive in competitive tests at a meeting with officials from the human resources and finance departments.

In order to increase the quality of service provided to the public, the chief minister believed it was also necessary to provide specific training to government employees. He also gave orders to enhance the quality of training at the Anna Institute of Management and other government institutions where the state’s youngsters receive coaching and preparation for competitive examinations.

Senior officials have been encouraged to use the civil service training institute at Bhavanisagar’s capabilities to provide online training seminars to government personnel so that they may be more efficient in their tasks and job.

Meanwhile, the state government has finalized 35 new industrial transactions worth over Rs 17,000 crores, launched five new enterprises worth over Rs 7,000 crores, and started nine new businesses worth Rs 4,250 crores. It is envisaged that this would result in the creation of 83,000 additional employment in the state.


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