in DC Studios Superman is James Gunn’s “big priority,” and the director denies friction with Henry Cavill.

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in DC Studios Superman is James Gunn’s “big priority,” and the director denies friction with Henry Cavill.

James Gunn has returned to Twitter to answer questions from enthusiastic fans about the potential for a second Superman film. Fans have had a tremendously hard time predicting what will happen to the superhero franchise. Christopher Reeve played the titular character in the 1978 debut of the first Superman movie, which James shared the movie poster for.When a curious fan asked, “Are we going to see Superman?,” he replied, “Of course. A significant priority, if not the top priority, is Superman.

The tweets were sent out a week after it was rumoured that James and Peter Safran, his co-head at DC Studios, were making changes for the future of the games, with Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman 3 reportedly being shelved. Even Henry Cavill’s potential second turn as the Man of Steel is still up in the air. In the latest film Black Adam, starring Dwayne Johnson, Henry surprised audiences by reprising his Superman role. Henry also made a formal declaration of his return after the appearance.

James Gunn calls Superman 'huge priority', denies feud with Henry Cavill |  Hollywood - Hindustan Times

A fan tweeted that James Gunn “doesn’t believe” the earlier this week rumour that The Witcher actor Henry Cavill might not return in the DC Universe. not like Henry Cavill.” James was asked by another fan to “debunk” the assertion, to which the filmmaker responded, “Sure: false.

“He tweeted, “We know we are not going to make Nevertheless, we can guarantee that everything we do is done in the interest of the story and in the interest of the audience.DC CHARACTERS we know you cherish and we have cherish our entire lives,” before pleading with fans to have patience with the future of Superman. I must regretably ask you to wait if you’re looking for additional clarification on the DCU’s future. We are giving these people and their tales the time and attention they require, but we still have a lot of questions.







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