ICC welcomes Mongolia, Tajikistan, and Switzerland as new members while suspending Russia.

ICC welcomes Mongolia, Tajikistan, and Switzerland as new members while suspending Russia.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) welcomed three new members to its 78th Annual General Meeting on Sunday, July 18: Mongolia, Tajikistan, and Switzerland. Mongolia and Tajikistan joined the Asia region as the 22nd and 23rd members, respectively. Switzerland became the 35th member of the European Union. As a result, the ICC currently has 106 members, including 94 associates.


About Cricket in Mongolia

After being founded in 2007, the Mongolian Cricket Association (MCA) became the official national administrator of the sports in 2018. Cricket is growing increasingly popular in Mongolia, and it has been chosen as one of the participating games in the country’s International Youth Green Games.

Women’s cricket is also thriving in Mongolia, with women accounting for 39% of all participants in school cricket. After joining the ICC, Mongolia Cricket Association President Battulga Gombo informed the ICC, Joining the ICC is important in the creation of a cohesive framework for cricket in Mongolia.”I am pleased to see how this wonderful game is assisting the young people here, providing useful experiences and teaching them skills and principles that they may apply in other aspects of their lives.


About Cricket in Switzerland

Cricket was first played in Switzerland in 1817. Cricket Switzerland (CS) has a very active junior cricket program. The CS has 33 active clubs and organizes domestic events on a regular basis.

We are ecstatic and honored to be approved as an Associate Member of the ICC. This is a prize for all those engaged in cricket in Switzerland who have helped build the game from a primarily ex-pat activity just ten years ago to the established Swiss national sport that it is today, CS President Alexander Mackay was cited by the ICC as saying.

About Cricket in Tajikistan

Tajikistan Cricket Federation was launched in 2011. The federation now includes 22 men’s teams and 15 women’s teams spread among four active clubs.

Tajikistan Cricket Federation President Najibullohi Ruzi stated, “We are thrilled to be approved as an Associate Member of the ICC, having satisfied all of the membership conditions, and we are quite sure that we will effectively expand cricket in Tajikistan.

Meanwhile, Russia has been suspended by the International Cricket Council (ICC) for continuing non-compliance with its “membership criteria 2.2(a)(i), 2.2(b)(i), and 2.2(b)(ii), and has until the time of the next AGM to demonstrate compliance or risk having its membership in the ICC terminated with immediate effect,” the cricket governing body stated.


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